Nothing To See Hear

by The Blue Ribbons

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recorded LIVE at Q-Division in Somerville, MA, 10/20/13, for a select group of very interesting, intelligent, and cosmopolitan ladies and gentlemen.

THANK YOU to all the good and generous folks who helped us to make this record happen with their financial gifts and support, especially: Brooke Feinberg, Jaime Lederer, Jay Howard, Laurence Scudder, Meagan Flaherty, Adam Cat, Jess Fox, Chris Pleim, Joan Hathaway, Jeremy Gottleib, Sarah Miller, Martha Bourne,
Erik DeGiorgi, Elly Mullins, Tyler Bair, Amber Casares, Craig Bicknell, Olivia Sears, Lisa Katzman Koenig, Don, Alex and Christian Rohr, The Tidmores, and Mom & Pop.

and of course thank you to our families for continuing to be our families:
Becca, Ellen, Heloiza, Sandy. AND, of course, the's all for the children.

PLUS, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who contributed love/time/money/good ideas/bad ideas/tequila/laughter/tears/etc...

this is a LIVE recording. no added sugar. no hotshots from corporate. no nonsense. perhaps a bit of nonsense -- but mostly just the fellas playing real music on real instruments for real people in real time.
it may be a bit rough and ugly in spots, but so is life.

THANK YOU to Eran Shaysh, Christopher DeSanty and all the fellas from Gipsy Pixel for inviting us to take part in this project and for making the wonderful videos.

All songs by James Rohr copyright2014 Universal Spleen ASCAP


released April 15, 2014

James Rohr - Piano, Vocals
Mike Castellana - Guitar
Jef Charland - Bass, Vocals
Tauras Biskis - Drums, Vocals
engineered, mixed, mastered by Matt Beaudoin
live sound engineer - Joe Tooley
Video Producers - Chris DeSanty and Eran Shaysh
Videographers - Seth Wood, Max Wagenblass, Daniel Perry, Eran Shaysh, Chris DeSanty
Video Edit - Chris DeSanty

Produced by The Blue Ribbons



all rights reserved


The Blue Ribbons Massachusetts

The Blue Ribbons was formed by singer/songwriter/keyboardist James Rohr. They have been building a base of devoted fans with their original and soulful music. Described as
“Ray Charles and Tom Waits on a pirate ship with Sun Ra and Captain Beefheart,” they
combine “upbeat disillusionment and celebratory fatalism with musicianship” – Charan Devereux;Boston Globe.
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    Cambridge, MA
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    Cambridge, MA
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    Cambridge, MA

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Track Name: Foolin' Around
my love is like a plague of locusts
I love you so much, that my eyes cant focus.
I got enough love to choke us both,
so lets start foolin around.

I could churn you up like butter.
rock-a-my soul and do a tango in the gutter
you know I could never love another one
so lets start foolin around.

life's too short for clever retort
wouldn't it be nice to just growl and snort
poetry is fine, by candlelight and wine
but I'm in a frenzy and I'm losing my mind

you got me sparking like a tesla coil
hotter than a tater wrapped up in 'luminium foil
we got all the tools and we're oiled up
so lets start foolin around.

you got me all worked up in a lather
I'm under your spell and now i have to have ya
I could be cool but I'd rather not
so lets start foolin around

just let me be your man of steel
we'll go around the world and invent a new wheel
we'll eat all we feel from the dessert cart
now lets start foolin around

I hold deep notions and passionate devotions
to open dialogues about feelings and emotions
but a walk on the beach might put me in reach
of your tender charms and a bite of your peach

you're the bed, I'm the magic fingers
if you're the song, I'd love to sing you
i'll be the pirate, you be the chambermaid
now lets start foolin around.

just give me a sign cuz I love your mind
tho you may think mine's the one track kind.
let me prove my worth
you could do worse
with me you will always cum first.

my love is like a plague of locusts
I love you so much that my eye cant focus
i got enough love to choke us both
so lets start foolin around.
Track Name: Magdalena
words don't come the way they should
and when they do they aint no damn good
say what you want, but you can't take it back
I'm afraid i just made a suicide pact

some will come and some will go
some you were never even meant to know
raise your glass and raise it high
this is our long goodbye

come have a seat at the table with me
we always make such good company
forget the past it could never last
savor your time, cuz the future aint cheap

up in the morning and i'll dig in the dirt
home in the evening and i'll change my shirt
what is left of this reckoning
i'll wear it like a wedding ring.

oh, Magdalena
come and take my hand
cuz i don't know the way back home,
where I'm bound to be a better man.

i'll bet you half my wooden leg
that i'll walk thru fire for you one day
the earth may brush away all that we've ever known
but nothing can kill all these weeds we've grown

lately all my big, big plans
have fallen into all the wrong hands
i get lost in the crowd, I'm a little bit dumb
but i aint too proud to need someone.

oh, Magdalena
open up my eyes
cuz I've been sitting here such a long, long time
and I've forgot all the reasons why

oh, Magdalena
give me one more kiss
i realize that we've only just met
but i don't want it to end like this

hey, Magdalena
come and take my hand
cuz i don't know the way back home
where i'm bound to be a better man
Track Name: Out In The Weeds
out in the weeds doin a little dance
belly full of bourbon, gunna loosen my pants.

stompin' on the ground and yellin' at the sky
thankin' my lord that I'm still alive
up on the hill and lookin' on
another day comin', another day gone.

out of the chair and get off of your seat
put on your hat and wiggle your feet

choppin' down a tree gunna build me a home
come on babe, I don't want to be alone
we'll walk on down to the rivers edge
i'll make you a promise, i'll make you a pledge.

lazy bones sittin in the shade
hoping to find some diamonds and spades

you try to move a mountain to get the other side
just hop in the front, and i'll give you a ride.
the moon is on fire and the sun is full of ice
the time we had together, it sure was nice
Track Name: How Good Can The Moon Be?
how good can the moon be
it only ever shows us one side
what in the world does it have to hide
you only see what it wants you to see
how good can the moon be

you can't trust the wind
all your secrets will be revealed
voices carry even tho your lips are sealed
that fucker aint your friend
you can't trust the wind

the world is against you
you're stuck on the fence to afraid to make a move
like a lamb led to slaughter
come hell or high water
you'll never know to break loose
they say they'll protect you
while they're pushing your neck thru the mouth of a knotted noose

the sea will betray you
it will take all your treasure out of spite
you give it your back it might just take your life
even when you pay it it's due
the sea will betray you

how good can the moon be
it only ever shows us one side
what in the world does it have to hide
you only see what it wants you to see
how good can the moon be
Track Name: Pig Rock Lane
pig rock lane, pig rock lane
everybody's goin to pig rock lane
it don't really matter cuz we're all the same
on pig rock lane

sailing away to pig rock lane
it's hard about and hoist the main
you can have all the salt or just one grain
on pig rock lane

the land is flooded on pig rock lane
your hands may be bloody but you'll feel no shame
if you've done something wrong you can change your name
on pig rock lane

pig rock lane, pig rock lane
everybody's goin to pig rock lane
it don't really matter cuz we're all the same
on pig rock lane

I met my baby on pig rock lane
she gave me a kiss sweet as sugar cane
and now my heart's bound by lock and chain
to pig rock lane

I never heard such a soft refrain
as the one that night on pig rock lane
if you listen too close you'll go insane
on pig rock lane

I once saw a man on pig rock lane
he was jumping up and down in the pouring rain
then up from the ground came a hundred foot flame
on pig rock lane

in the bottom of the lake on pig rock lane
stuck in the trunk of a ford fairlane
was a tire, some wire, and the little mermaid
of pig rock lane

pig rock lane, pig rock lane
rockin that cradle too close to the grave
even baby jesus is a little afraid
of pig rock lane

if you fall asleep on pig rock lane
you might not awaken for one thousand days, or maybe two
but that aint strange on pig rock lane
you'll dream of silver, you'll dream of gold
you'll dream that you'll never, ever grow old
as long as you do just what you're told
on pig rock lane

never a soul could ever explain
why it's black as coal and the moon never wane
the fog is so thick it'll break your blade
on pig rock lane

I heard that the earth opened up in vain
to try and take back pig rock lane
but it remains, not even a stain
on pig rock lane

pig rock lane, pig rock lane
and the cold wind blew right thru your brain
like a shotgun taking a life you just saved
pig rock lane

pig rock lane
gunna get real drunk on a chicken train
I hope I never return again
to pig rock lane
Track Name: The Same Old Song
they told me god was dead
I didn't even know that he was sick
the writing on the wall said
that it was all just a cruel trick
there aint no difference in my head
between the carrot and the stick

I didn't catch your name
but may I buy you another drink
are you drawn to the flame
do you believe everything that you think
you get a whiff of fame
and now you think that your shit don't stink

down the river and I'm singing this song
I guess I've been floating away too long
we'll bid farewell when we reach the shore
but i'll be back again once more

stay out of the light
you won't miss it at all
start a brand new life
in the mirror on the wall
I guess that old song is right
many waters can't quench love no matter how small

I thought I heard your voice and the oceans turned to steam
what the hell was that noise, was it a whisper or a scream
you never have a choice when you wake up in someone else's dream

the cold earth trembles
it pushes and it pulls
you've got to be nimble
to suffer all your fools
just keep a faith that's simple
while you're laying down with wolves

rise up out of your crystal box
tie back the hands of all the clocks
try to grow another inch another day
just keep singing the same old song the same old way
Track Name: Family
I lost my gold, I lost my god
I lost the taste for blood and for wine
I lost control and found it odd
when I was losing my mind

who will anoint, who will reject
who'll play the part of our protector
what's the point if we accept
that we won't do any better

there's more than only one way to be alone
there's more than one and only home

is it enough to make choice
when you don't like what you've got
just show up and use your voice
and teach us what you've been taught

here we are face to face
no one above us no one below us
but it's still not clear if we can erase
or forgive what we feel that is owed us

more than only one bird has ever flown
more than only one star has ever shone
more than only one child has ever grown

look around
make a family from who you found
we're all standing on holy ground
look around
and make a family from who you found
Track Name: Gas Station Girl
I think I'm in love with the gas station girl
hand on the pump and her hair in a twirl

she don't even know my name
but she puts a shine on this rusty ol' frame

full service, my-oh-my but she's thorough
no one is finer than the gas station girl

she pop my hood, sweet crude oil can
she got the right tool in her greasy hand

there aint no job big or small she cant fix
and she don't seem to mind working on my slant six

she takes her time because she cares
no one compares to the gas station girl

I'd drive one hundred miles
just for her expert tease
you know she drives me wild
filling me up with fantasies

I pull into her station
when I'm running low
just trying to get back in the race, hon
but my motor is gunna blow

it's my distinct pleasure
to be stuck in her garage
like over-heating in the desert
chasing a mirage

I think I'm gunna break down
and let her know how much it hurts
but she don't mess around
she'd just leave my combustible heart smoldering in the dirt

the gas station girl don't do me no favors
she won't give me no break on the hourly labor

to her I'm just some other guy
with a ring on his finger and a twinkle in his eye

she's a woman with power and the keys to her world
i'll never be up to speed for the gas station girl
it aint meant to be with the gas station girl

I think I'm in love with the gas station girl
Track Name: World Of Whispers
it's in the links of a broken chain
it's how the rain knows your name
it's why the rising sun remembers the dark night

it's what we hide behind the bricks
it's in the lies that we tell our kids
it's alright, now it's alright

I've been waiting for another day
I can't believe what we've become
I know I've sold some empty promises
your saviors blood is slowly dripping away
and everything you say, still means nothing at all.

it's in between the written word
it's rarely spoken and hardly heard
but I heard you, in this world of whispers

it's in all that we fulfill
and everything that we never will
it's in what we know to do and what we forget how to

the blade of a knife or a loaded gun
it's why we fight or turn to run
but it don't matter now, no it don't matter now

I've been waiting for another way
but nothing can make me feel this numb
I can't control all these voices
my saviors blood is slowly dripping away
and everything I say
still means nothing at all

it's on the dust, it's on the wind
the twisted justice of a sin
but I'm listening to this world of whispers
and I miss you in this world.